Thursday, January 20, 2005

Doing The iPod shuffle dance

Being a technogeek my entire life it now takes quite a bit to impress me so it is a rare day when a new product announcement gets me excited. Both my kids have iPods and so do all of their friends, I myself have been content with an early Creative Nomad that runs though 4 AA batteries in 2 hours, is sensitive to shock and vibration but generally plays well. Its only use is in my car that I spend about 90 minutes a day in. I have never wanted an iPod since the excess of "disk" space on it was far more than my feeble music collection could do any justice to.

Along comes Apple with a new iPod the size of a stick of gum and weighing only 3/4 of an ounce. Ok, this is cool. I want one. Thus the quest for finding one in stock begins. Best Buy continuously says "two days" and every day you call its "two days". The truth is, nobody at Best Buy has a clue when they will come in. The Apple Store says "this saturday", this remains to be seen.

Today I find myself in a CompUSA and low and behold, an iPod shuffle is on display. I grab the counter person and sure enough, they are in stock. When she returns from the back empty-handed, the second counter-help-person reminds her that he told her they sold the last one two hours ago. Strangely enough, the actually got stock on January 17th which appears to be the only store on the planet I can find that has actually got them in so far.

Tomorrow is another day and hopefully they will arrive somewhere and still be in stock when I get there.


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