Thursday, November 10, 2005

Linksys SPA-941 Preview

Just released is the first real fruits of the aquisition of Sipura by Cisco-owned Linksys. The SPA-941 SIP Business Phone picks up where the original Sipura SPA-841 left off. The new SPA-941 is very similair in look to it's big brother, the Cisco 7960. At a retail price that is easily $100 less than the 7960, the SPA-941 still boasts a number of great features and is extremely high quality. With a Cisco logo, Linksys name brand, and Sipura branded web interface, the SPA-941 may be suffering a small indentity crisis while the different companies try to figure out the best market positioning, but dont let that stop you from taking a serious look at this new phone. Finding a sweet spot in the mid-range price point between budget phones and higher dollar "name brand" phones, the SPA-941 looks well positioned to be a major player this year.

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