Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Burning the iPod Oil

MattX calls me tonight from Microcenter to tell me there are 13 shuffles in stock and nobody there. I grab the wife's Focus and blaze a trail to the store 5 miles away. They still have 10 left when I get there but only th 512mb size. I decide to forego spending the extra dough and end up buying two of the 512mb versions (one for me, one for wife).

So all of you in search of iPod shuffles, be sure and check the smaller stores that dont have so many distribution center to go through before the product hits the shelves. Give up on the Apple stores unless you like spending a few hours before they open with 200 total strangers that all want to be ahead of you.

Installation was a breeze, the CD installed a small updater for the iPod and in no time we were filling our new toys with tons of music from iTunes.

For testing, I took the dog out for a long walk. The sound quality is awesome! The walk went by very quickly while jamming to some hits of the 80's.


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