Sunday, April 30, 2006

VoipSpeak - Home

Been really busy lately but I have just finished up a handful of articles at

Asterisk Follow-Me Function
Have you ever called someone that has a really top-of-the-line PBX system and when they did not answer after ringing the person a few times you found that the system then tells you to stand by while the person is located and then rings remote land phones and cell phones as it attempts to locate the person you are calling? This is a very cool example of a follow-me function

Linksys SPA-942 IP Phone Review
Linksys is certainly paving the way with their VoIP products lately and we certainly were impressed with the SPA-941 phone although it was a bit lacking in a few features that we considered to be key items. The new SPA-942 is now readily available and addresses several of these key features.

Linksys Wireless G Phone Bridge
Linksys is undoubtably skyrocketing to the top of the VoIP product hill and products like the WBP54G are proof that Linksys is listening to their clients and coming out with products that people want. The WBP54G Wireless bridge allows placement of an IP phone in locations where pulling CAT5 cable isn't feasible. As long as you are within range of an 802.11G signal, the WBP54G can connect up and allow your phone to register. Are there pros and cons? Of course, so let's get down to it.