Sunday, November 20, 2005

Running Asterisk@Home Under Windows

Thanks to Jean Eeden, we have posted up a new article at VOIPSpeak on how to use the new VMWare player to install and run Asterisk@Home in a virtual PC environment on Windows. This setup uses all open source and free software. Be sure and use a high end machine for this as its a little harsh on system resources. I tried it on a Compaq NX7010 laptop with a 1.7 Pentium M and 512mb RAM. It ran just fine but the machine was pretty useless during the installation process.

Running Asterisk@Home Under Windows

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Friday, November 18, 2005

Asterisk@Home 1.2 beta 6 Released

Asterisk@Home 2.0 BETA 6 - 11/18/05
  • Asterisk 1.2
  • Flash Operator Panel 0.24
  • Festival Speech Engine version 1.96
  • weather agi scripts
  • wakeup calls
  • Integrated WebMeetMe GUI
  • AMP-1.10.010 BETA
  • CentOS 4.2
  • SugarCRM with Cisco XML Services interface + Click to Dial
  • Music On Hold (mpg123)
  • Fax support (spanDSP)
  • xPL support
  • Digium card auto-config

This is looking to be very solid, expect to see a final release shortly.


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Linksys SPA-941 SIP Business Phone Review

Amazing how many people in different forums have opinions of this phone without actually seeing it, most people are calling it an SPA-841 in a new shell. I took a good hard look at it to see if that was the case and it most certainly is not. The SPA-941 is a major step up in quality and features and should be right at home in any office. For the price, it holds its own quite nicely against the Polycom 301's and, in my opinion, is a better looking device as well.

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Photography by Esquire Photography  

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Andi Garrison - Makeup Artist

I know it's nothing technical but I just finished a website for my daughter. If you are in California and need a makeup artist for a photo shoot, wedding, film, or theater, give her a call. She is doing work for prominent photographers in southern California such as Esquire Photography.

Andi Garrison - Makeup Artist

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Linksys SPA-941 Preview

Just released is the first real fruits of the aquisition of Sipura by Cisco-owned Linksys. The SPA-941 SIP Business Phone picks up where the original Sipura SPA-841 left off. The new SPA-941 is very similair in look to it's big brother, the Cisco 7960. At a retail price that is easily $100 less than the 7960, the SPA-941 still boasts a number of great features and is extremely high quality. With a Cisco logo, Linksys name brand, and Sipura branded web interface, the SPA-941 may be suffering a small indentity crisis while the different companies try to figure out the best market positioning, but dont let that stop you from taking a serious look at this new phone. Finding a sweet spot in the mid-range price point between budget phones and higher dollar "name brand" phones, the SPA-941 looks well positioned to be a major player this year.

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Phoenix Audio Duet PCS Review

It seems like every day some new microphone or headset comes out that claims to be the hottest thing in voice since humans learned to speak. With that attitude, we weren't overly excited when Phoenix Audio told us about their new USB Speakerphone. However, once it arrived and we plugged it in to find out that it was properly detected and didn't even require a driver, it was time to take a good long look at it. With full duplex operation, echo cancellation, and noise suppression, the Duet PCS is one serious speakerphone.

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