Monday, January 31, 2005

An Open Letter to Grisoft

For the better part of the past year I have been recommending AVG to both my consumer clients and business clients alike. With the release of AVG Free 7, you have completely left the home users to rot. I have been getting nothing but complaints from home users that they havent been able to get updates for over a week now. I also have a large seminar for a consumer group that AVG was going to be highlighted as a free/low cost anti virus solution. How am I supposed to recommend a product that you feature prominently on your website but dont allow people to get updates? What about mirror sites? What about using torrents? Anything? Not one of these clients is going to buy the professional version for their companies if the free version they use at home doesn't work.

What am I supposed to tell these people now?

Kerry Garrison
Tech Data Pros


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