Tuesday, December 13, 2005

GPL Hardware Project for Asterisk

David Rowe has mailed details of a new GPL hardware project for Asterisk:

uCasterisk (you-see-Asterisk) is a set of scripts, makefiles and patches to build Asterisk for uClinux. The target is the Blackfin BF533 STAMP board, although it should be portable to other uClinux platforms.

uCasterisk is one part of a project to build a completely open telephony hardware platform. Both the hardware and the software will be freely available under the GPL. The target cost for a complete IP PBX (including multiple analog ports or a T1) is $200 to $400. Imagine an Asterisk-powered IP-PBX in the form factor of an ATA - no PC required.

VoipSpeak - GPL Hardware Project for Asterisk


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