Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Please keep newbs off the net

I swear, one of the things that tick me off the most is that on the web, even a well intentioned gesture can bring about dire results. My dad just got his first computer, for a birthday surprise he went to a website and send me some eCard. This means that not only did he give them his email address, but he also gave some website MY email address. Every time I have got one of these dumbass cards, I then have to jump through hoops to get off some damn spam email list.

So for all of you that think sending eCards is a great idea, think again, you are just adding to the crap mail that both you and your intended receipient are getting. Great present!


Blogger Thurston said...

Have a spare domain?
use per-site/individual email addresses

I own a domain, and it has unlimited forwarding,
i.e. blogger@mydomain.info for the request for an email here.

makes it really easy to slam them out.. and give your dad a new one- as soon as you have edumacted him...

9:37 PM  

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