Tuesday, February 22, 2005

On-Going Teleo testing

In the never ending quest to keep from giving Sprint one extra dime over my plan minutes. After paying over $120 over my plan for two months, I had it with Sprint. After looking at a number of options, I settled on Teleo (see story below). In one week, I have racked up 209 minutes of free inbound minutes versus 29 minutes of usage on my cell phone. The only problems during the past week were a phone call experienced a stuttering problem on circuit that was running some major downloads. One morning the service was out for a while but was restored quickly and before business hours. The latter problem was described by their support group as server maintenance that was required during the beta program.

Overall the service, quality, and reliability have been first rate. If you are looking to dramatically reduce your cell phone minutes or land line charges and have good internet access a good amount of the time, Teleo may just be the service for you. If you make a lot of phone calls and need more of an unlimited plan, check out the prices at BroadVoice.


Blogger C.M. said...

I am a Teleo user. I noticed that you couldn't use Teleo to dial Outlook contacts. If you have installed Teleo's Outlook add-in, you simply right click on a contact and their is an option to "Dial using Teleo". If you have multiple phone numbers for that contact you simply choose the appropriate number.

12:14 PM  
Blogger Raphael Carrier said...

service looks awesome i like the idea of combining sip services and free internet voip with real phone numbers (747) and still conserving the flexibility of skype to connect behind firewalls its too bad they dont accept registrations anymore, did you guys get beta invitations?

10:32 AM  

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